Reading Homework:

Your child will bring home a book everyday to read. The books coordinate with what we are learning in class and it is imperative that your child not only reads the story, but also understands the story. Parents, please understand that in first grade your child will be blossoming into a wonderful reader. It is hard work at first but well worth it. Please take the time to sit and listen to your child read every night. The books/stories are due back to school the following day. Here is our book schedule that we usually refer to.

Monday: Decodable Book (this book has multiple stories, your child will be required to read the 3 stories that correlate to our lesson in class)

Tuesday: Basal (this is our reading book, all of the reading done in the week will correlate with the lesson we are on in this book)

Wednesday: Leveled Reader (this is usually a pretty short story on your child's specific level)

Thursday: Library book (this of course is a free day where your child will be able to read what they want to read)

Friday: We do not send home books on Friday unless your child takes homes their library book again. Although I do not require your child to read over the weekend, it would be extremely beneficial if they did. Take this time to go to the city library and let your child pick something out that they love! This will only encourage them to keep reading. :)

Spelling Homework:

Your child will bring their spelling homework home everyday. The spelling test is on Friday so they need to study all week. There will be a column for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Your child will need to write their words on the corresponding day's column. Spelling homework will be checked every morning at the beginning of school. Please know that having them just write the words might not be adequate studying for the night.
*TIP: On Thursday night, have a "spelling test" at home. This will ease their anxiety as well as show what they need to work on for the real test on Friday.*