Marble Falls Elementary
PE Grading System

Conduct Grade:

E- Excellent-(one verbal warning allowed)
s-Superb- Up to 3 write-ups
N-Needs Improvement- 4-6 write ups
U- Unsatisfactory- More than 7 write-ups

Participation/Skill Grade for K-1

Students receive a participation/skill grade. I grade each student based upon his/her ability level and monitor their performance.

Skill grade= E,N,S, U

Participation/Skill Grade for 2-5

Warm-up includes: stretches, daily exercise, jogging intervals (2 points)

Activity/Skill for day (based on state-mandated TEKS) I look to see if the student is performing to his/her ability and is trying his/her best. (2 points)

Tennis Shoe Policy

All students are required to wear tennis shoes for PE class. This is stated in the MFISD Student Handbook.

1st -student will receive a verbal warning

2nd- student will receive 2 points off participation/skill grade (written notice to parents)

3rd-students will receive 2 more points off participation/skill grade (phone call will be made)