Kathy Payson

                         Welcome to Fourth Grade with Mrs. Payson!
                           English Language Arts and Social Studies
           For Students
    This year, you will become stronger readers, writers, and researchers.  As your teacher, my dream for our classroom is to appreciate worlds similar and different from our own through literature.  As readers we will do this by reading a lot and talking about books!  We will use writing as a way to get to know how books really affect us - make us better people.  We will live and breathe as researchers, always asking questions and reading, writing, and talking to discover more about the world.  Through everything we do, I dream that in our class we will make careful decisions for ourselves and take risks to become deeper thinkers and more compassionate human beings. Most importantly, we will have fun experiences so we will make lasting memories.

For Families
     I am eager to work with you and your children. Since you are your children's first teacher, I have so much to learn from you.  My hope is to have steady communication with you throughout the year so that we can work together to cultivate your children's passions and help your children grow as readers, writers, and researchers. 
     Please know you can always reach me by email
kpayson@mfisd.txed.net or by cell phone (located on your children's Monday folder).  Every Monday, your children will take home a folder.  Please allocate some time each Monday to review, discuss, and sometimes sign the contents of the folder with your children.  News regarding book bag projects and other special home projects will be upcoming!
     During the week, I'm often available during my conference period 12:00 - 1:00 p.m..  Just give a call, text, or email me!